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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  June 15, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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this is" the fox report." tonight, an airliner headed to new york city was forced to change its route because a threat to set it on fire. the u.s. entering new territory. getting involved in serious civil war by arming citizens who are fighting their government. the cia, providing small lethal arms to rebel forces as they continue to lose ground in the war on the government of syria. fox reports could the american weapons ends up in the wrong hands, and are they enough to end the two-year-long conflict. also, attorney general eric
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holder. we're told is ready to set the record straight on whether he lied to congress about the department of justice investigating journalists, including fox news reporter james rosen. this as the calls for holder to resign grow louder. and the most destructive wildfire in colorado state history burns on. >> we hope to gain inches each day to get people's lives back to normal where it can be returned to normal. >> in minutes, firefighters finally making progress. after months of talk comes action in washington, d.c. on the civil war in syria. president obama now authorizing the cia to arm and train syrian rebels, which we're told will happen through our ally, turkey. this comes in response to news the assad regime has used chemical weapons on its own people, something critics have been saying for a couple of
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months now. so go president obama said last august would "cross a red line." our growing role comes as the civil war, which killed more than 90,000, threatens to push far beyond syria borders, hezbollah is sending fighters in to syria from neighboring lebanon, supporting president assaad. and american fighter jets and patriot missiles will stay in the area after joint military exercises end later this month. tough talk from egypt president muhammad morsi. tough talk to president assaad. >> reporter: arming rebels will reportedly take place through turkey. thousands of troops in jordan
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for an annual exercise. fox news confirming the cia is running the program which will deliver weapons and mitchiate training of syrian rebels, this while the deputy national security adviser, ben rose, says the country needs to be wary where weapons are going, why it's such a sensitive situation. >> that's important. it allows you to get assistance to the hands of people who need it, and have protections to people who keep from those who don't want tocy material. and through al masra. >> reporter: the administration has known for weeks that syria used chemical weapons. >> the person fond of setting red lines and drawing red lines in the sand, but people cross them all the time and nothing is done about it. you can't do that and be respected in this world and
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frankly i don't think the president is that respected. after the g8, rush yap officials speaking out, any attempt to enforce the no-fly zone would violate international law. the obama administration handling of the situation in syria, has come under scrutiny for months. military analysts looking carefully about how we proceed with more deeply involved? we'll get perspective on the weapons and training we're giving the rebels from major bob scales, later in the "fox report." the nation's top law enforcement says he's ready to talk. eric holder will sit down with lawmakers behind closed doors sometime next week. holder and the justice department, having to explain how they handled members of the media when they were trying to figure out who was leaking information to the public. for weeks, the house judiciary committee, investigating if
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holder misled them underoath. his department never sought to prosecute a journalist. one threatened to subpoena the attorney general if he refuses to clarify remarks, this as lawmakers turn up the heat. 46 house republicans sending a letter to president obama yesterday, demanding he remove eric holder from office. some republican lawmakers say holder needs to do more. >> right, harrah. some aren't entirely comfortable with the idea that the meeting with lawmakers next week will be private, behind closed doors. how one member of the house gop committee will view that meeting. >> how are you going to feel when you know we're meeting behind closed doors to talk about how he may be invading your right and getting your e-mail and checking your phone calls? it doesn't help you a whole lot i don't think. so important to the credibility of this justice department, it
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needs to be open, give america a little faith again and justice. >> reporter: holder also had said he will provide answers in writing to the house judiciary committee by the close of business on wednesday. >> molly, any idea what holder might say to lawmakers? >> he's likely to make his case that he told the truth to lawmakers while under oath last month. holder testified 15th and asked about the james rosen leak investigation. this is what he told lawmakers. >> with regard to the potential prosecution of the press for the disclosure of material, that is not something that i have ever been involved in or heard of or think would be a wise policy. >> since then it came to loyte that holder signed the search warrant in the rosen case. now, the department of justice contends rosen was never prosecuted, so they argue holder's statement is accurate. >> molly, one thing to make
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criticism verbal, to make it known that way, tell me more about the letter signed by 46 lawmakers? >> on the record together as a group. but individuals calling as president obama to fire eric holder and name someone else to be attorney general. the lawmakers fight the fast and furious gun running operation and the doj snooping into the associated press and fox news james rosen. and they say holder is either overseeing a rogue agency that he can't control or played a part in allowing unacceptable actions to take place. no response from the white house to the letter. but the white house has said in the past it is pleased with its attorney general. >> thank you very much. new details on just what type of information about all of us the government is getting from technology companies. face bok saying federal agencies requested access to info from nearly 20,000 accounts in late
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2012. the feds asking for everything from missing children to fugitive tracking and terror threats. microsoft also says it received more than 6000 warrantses a and subpoenas for accounts. they rejected many of them. goggle is not telling us what they have given the government. criminal requests from local law enforcement are handled and published for users, separate from those from the national security agency. and google says it's important to look at those very differently. different categories when telling users when requests were made. a lot going on in washington as they deal with simultaneous scandals, we didn't even mention the irs investigating journalists, which we have talked about. surveying citizens through phone records. chris wallace is likely to cover these when he silsits down withr
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vice president dick cheney tomorrow. check local listings. right now, police are interviewing passengers who were aboard an airliner that was flying to new york's kennedy airport. a threat caused the pilot and crew to set that plane down in scotland. egypt air flight 985 from cairo, forced to make an emergency landing at glasgow airport. a note found in the plane's bathroom and we're learning that passenger is reportedly a producer for the bbc network. the words, "i'll set the plane on fire" was written on a napkin. she found it by the sink and notified the crew. fighter jets were launched to escort that plane to scotland. not clear when passengers will be allowed to continue to new
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york. a massive effort to control an inferno. we've watched this for days. maybe a fwlimer of hope at this hour. crews inching their way toward progress against the worst wildfire in the history of the state of colorado. two people dead, hundreds of homes destroyed, fox reports live from there. and federal investigators on the way to louisiana to see what's going on. what triggered explosions at two different chemical plants in just the past few days? stay close. she's still the one for you -
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live pictures sharing the screen with me. this is turkey and the story we watched develop all day long,
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citizens en masse in a favorite square all week long. in the last few hours, though, the president of turkey has warned them to leave, or he would enleach his security forces. that has happened. riot police have cleared out protesters from istanbul square. firing water canons and teargas at them. the action coming shortly after the prime minister gave that warning. not president, prime minister. security forces would now clear the area if they did not move on their own. now, the leader of the country is planning to host his own rally and own support tomorrow morning. and wanted people out so his own people could move in. become a symbol of the biggest anti government protest in decades in turkey. all of it starting over government plans to build a shopping mall on a park and that was more than ten days ago and this is where it is. now to put this in ton text.
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we'll talk about this with military guests later. turkey is key to us. pay attention to what's going on on the screen here. not that it would effect, but it brings up questions about the stability there as we move weapons and aids to the rebels in syria we'll do that through turkey. it becomes a topic tonight. i'll talk with major general bob scales about this a little later in the program. i wanted to see the pictures. we'll move on. now to colorado. battling the most destructive wildfire in state history. and major progress to tell you about. 45% contained. nearly 500 homes destroyed, since the flames broke out on tuesday, two people have died there, firefighters getting the upper hand against the black forest fire outside colorado springs. help from rain, thank goodness and able to lift most of the evacuation orders that it affected so many people, thousands of them there.
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see the black forest fire on this map. highlighted in red, showing you how big it is, covering 15,000 acres. alyssa acuna live at this hour. >> hi. firefighters are encouraged by what they have accomplished so far. and they are aware the fire could turn around. this fire wind-whipped and wind driven since tuesday. even though they did not lose any more ground or homes tonight, so vulnerable in the burn area and beyond. the sheriff says what those back in there of the area, says it's some of the worst destruction they have seen. >> a term used by deputies, it looks like a nuclear bomb went off in some of the areas, and you can't even recognize whether it was a house or some other kind of structure, that is the level of incineration and destruction that took place in some areas.
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>> arson investigators are back in that area right now, trying to determine if this was ignited on purpose or by accident. they do not believe, officials say that this started from a lightning strike or a rockslide. >> i was just saying, some of the people under evacuation orders, seen those ordered lifted. that doesn't mean immediately they get to go back into their homes. many people in shelters tonight. how are they doing? >> quite frankly a lot of them really frustrated. the sheriff acknowledged as much when he gave a briefing to reporters. tens of thousands of people right now remain out of their homes. to make matters worse, residents have been seen sneaking into the neighborhood through the woods to avoid roadblocks. this is dangerous, and also causes law enforcement to react, they have to make sure no one is
4:18 pm
out there looting homes. reports of some breakins and looting. the district attorney will come down very hard on anyone who is revictimizing some of the victims. >> what an awful thought. we hope they get to 100% contained very quickly. thank you very much. federal investigators and safety officials going to louisiana following two chemical plant explosions in as many days. one person dead in friday's explosion, and several suffered minor injuries at the cf industries facility in donaldsonville. the plant's website says it can produce roughly 5 million tons of nitrogen for agricultural and industrial uses. this is just across the mississippi river from another chemical facility where explosion killed two people on thursday and injured dozens of others. they have a big job when they get to that state. general motors, a recall.
4:19 pm
this one is so serious, if you own one of the vehicles on the list, gm says you might want to park it outside and not in the garage. the list, coming up. gathering for the faith and freedom coalition. former vice president nominee and alaska governor sarah pal you know, getting a lot of attention for what she said about scandals plaguing washington. >> the scandals infecting this city, they are a symptom of a bigger disease. and it doesn't matter if it's republican or a democrat sitting atop a bloated boot on your neck. vo: i've always thought the best part about this country is that we get to create our future. you get to take ownership of the choices you make. the person you become. i've been around long enough to recognize the people who are out there owning it.
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the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not sitting by as their life unfolds. and they're not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people. people who want to take ownership of their investments, like they do in every other aspect of their lives.
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general motors recalling nearly 200,000 suvs. this affects you if you drive the chevy trailblazer, gmc envoy, buick rannier, saab 9-7 x. isuzu ascender. a panel could spark, and if that happens, the power windows could stop working. if the windows are up and it sparks, you would be locked inside. gm wants vehicles to park outside the house buildiuntil t are made. conservative americans at the faith and freedom coalition in washington, d.c. are among the big names at theed podium.
4:24 pm
former alaska governor and fox news contributor sarah palin, wholy to the crowd, she did, the problem she sees plaguing the government, including the scandal at the irs. >> the scandals infecting the city, are a symptom of a bigger disease and it doesn't matter if it's republican or a democrat sitting atop a bloated boot on your neck. out of control government, everyone gets infected. no party is immune, that's why i tell you, i'm listening to those independents. those libertarians who are saying, it is both s aisle. the leadership, the good old boys in the party on both sides of the aisle have perpetuated these problems, the irs, it can't figure out how it managed to spend over $4 million on a training conference, because it
4:25 pm
didn't keep its receipts. really? you try that with the irs. >> there were people on their feet in that crowd during that speech. governor palin returns to fox news on monday. on "fox & friends." gunmen attack a hospital. people running to get out of the emergency room. hiding behind anything they could find in the parking lot. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. pakistan. armed men taking over parts of that hospital in the southwest. after two bombs went off. the first explosion on a bus, and as the injured were being taken to the hospital, a bomb blew up in the er. four members of the security forces and one top government official killed in the violence. fame, a fire breaks out in an historic theater in madrid.
4:26 pm
four first responders treated for exhaustion. rehearsal for a children's play going on when the fire started. all children taken out and no damage to the interior of the theater. italy. a baby born on a boat stranded at sea. all 59 people were rescued. the boat, believed to be from turkey with syrians, afghans, and kurds aboard. peru. inmates limbering up in lima. about 1,200 of them at the jgia aerobics class. they want to break the world record of the most people dancing in prison. that's "around the world in 80 seconds." the obama administration
4:27 pm
dies to arm syrian rebels. too little too late? major bob scales after the break. a teenager crashes his car. police ticket him, but he crashed it because he a heart attack. i want to make things more secure.
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ed. this is the "fox report." if you are just joining us, the top story, the white house announcing the krrve ia will begin arming and training anti government rebels, as the u.s. steps into the 2-year-old civil war in syria. a couple of things to know on the story for the past few hours. the weapons crucial to believing assad, bashar al-assad from power, will enter the country through turkey. we'll look at turkey's famous square in istanbul this is live. police clearing out hundreds of thousands of protesters as that leader says no more. he wants them off the streets. protesting a park where the government wanted to build a shopping mall. not anything to do with syria, but there is unrest in that country at this hour.
4:32 pm
each islamist president, just a few hours ago, announcing that he will cut off all diplomatic relations with syria. as the civil war rages on there. muhammad morsi, whose increasing hard line government, received millions in support and weapons, demanding the terrorist group hezbollah leave syria, and calling phone a no-fly zone. we have a guest from los angeles. we want to go to you. having an islamist leader call on the wider international community to secure the air zone over syria, how does that change the situation for that country? >> what he's saying has the potential to change the game for the whole thing. this is a boll move by president morsi. they barely have disagreements in public. two important reasons why he's so dramatically cutting off
4:33 pm
ties. one, for the very first time, one of the most powerful arab countries fall into line with the u.s. on syria here. no one is coming to intervene. the involvement is just too risky and egypt is a sunni muslim nation and they don't like the way shia muslims are trying to protect syria as a sectarian strong hold. saudi arabia hate hezbollah, because they are all shia. syria is the battleground for sunni/shia conflict that could pit one muslim nation against another across the region. morsi could be the one that sets that huge protest, violent protest in motion if he takes it beyond severing ties. >> you were, you were inside that country. seen it go through revolution,
4:34 pm
new power, and through all that, a powerful arab ally egypt remains, prepared to shut out syria. days after the u.s. said it is moving into arming the moderates among the rebels, how are syrian rebels reacting? do we know? >> they need help from the arab neighbors as much as they need it from us. quite a bit directed still toward the united states. >> you know, i would like to tell our american friends and the american people, we are preparing for a big offensive. assad regime is supported by hezbollah. >> if they can take aleppo, they can claim half the country.
4:35 pm
sir kr could have a no-fly zone. i think that will happen once the u.s. gets plenty of firepower. that is the rebels we can trust. and they will take full advantage of the bothing room the no-fly zone would give us. >> you are setting us up to talk to the general about what the no-fly zone would look like, who would lead that? have you been in egypt and that part of the world so much covering it. the situation is tense to say the least and growing more tense by the hour. what exactly are our options? on a list of questions now. joining me now is retired major general bob scales, a fox news military analyst. and we'll wear you out with questions. thank you for being here, general. >> that's great. >> let's start with what happened. a no-fly zone talked with this
4:36 pm
week. you have to go through the united nations. egypt's president calling for this. your thoughts? >> we're getting closer and closer to implementing a no-fly zone. an f-16 squadron in jordan. we have patriots in turkey, access to turkish air bases, a possibility to establish some storm of that sort of aerial shield if you will to do two things, one allow the syrian refugees to have a place to huddle. and secondly, some ground inside syria that the cia and perhaps the american military can use to train the syrian rebels. more than ammunition and small arms, what these rebels really need are disciplined training and leadership. >> hard to train if they have to take cover. some credit uks and many
4:37 pm
americans asking why aren't we getting involved right now? didn't we use chemical weapons were used a couple months ago. we heard senator mccain saying this weeks and weeks ago. something pivotal we don't know about? >> i don't think the big thing is the chemical weapons, but the shift of favor on the grown. after the syrians captured quasar, the syrian army is smelling blood. yesterday, the syrian army startedity formal attack on the city of aleppo. aleppo is the linchpin of the syrian rebellion so if the syrian army can get into aleppo, push out the rebels before the presence of american arms in training begins to take hold, this could body disaster for the -- you know, for the syrian resistance. >> all right. first of all, what are we giving the rebels?
4:38 pm
>> this is a key point. right now, all we're giving them is small arms ammunition and they need that, but the problem in syria right now is the syrian air force and the syrian armored forces. they are breaking into these strong points, pushing ahead with armed, proceeding with aerial firepower, in the form of rockets, machine guns and bombs, that breaks the back of rebel strong points, they pull back and then the syrian infantry attacks. what they need more than small arms is anti tank and anti aircraft missiles. the problem, it takes a while to get the missiles in and keep them out of hands of the radicals. >> the way you tribe it, maybe we don't have a lot of time to try and secure aleppo from the syrian government is this too little too late, general? >> it may be. right now, the syrian army is
4:39 pm
smelling blood, already moving into aleppo. it will take weeks to get small arms to the rebels, not to mention training and so forth. who knows how long it will take us to get off the dime and start sending them really effective weapons like anti aircraft missiles and anti tank guided missiles. the linchpin missiles. >> i want to remind everybody an estimate and we don't have a way to firm this all up. the aid workers and people on the ground are able to tell us that some 90,000 people have died. and i heard you talk about the refugees that need a place to huddle en masse as well. if we're not going in with enough, general and a little too late with what we do have, that sets us up for a longer-term commitment. is this the obama administration's new war? >> wow. what a great question. and here is the deal.
4:40 pm
remember now, and our viewers need to understand this. this is a civil war. a sectarian civil war, and these conflicts have a tendency to spiral out of control. think of it as sort of a raging forest fire. generally isn't ended until one side just exhausts themselves in this combat. even if we give the rebels anti tank missiles it could go on for years. for to us step in the middle of it as the pen you lump begins to swing to the syrian army carries a great many dangers with it. and we need to be very careful how we go about this. >> all right. general, thank you very, very much. you come to us at such a key time. so much news developing. wait, i thought of another question. my producers are trying to do the math if we have time for this before the commercial. turkey. pop up that last picture. turkey this is happening right now, leader turkey saying you
4:41 pm
have to get out of the square. and you see it cleared inside istanbul, people going home now after pushed out by security forces is that country stable enough as we have to use that country to get aid through to syria? >> right. two points, first of all, the military in turkey is control. our relationships with -- with the -- with furnishing the syrian rebels with ammunition and training goes through the military, yes, so we're okay there. and i also believe that turkey will come around. i think the leadership in turkey realizes they have to back off a bit. and i think over the next few days and weeks they will do that. as far as helping syrians, the key linchpin is the turkish military. >> general bob scales. he'll leave us now but come back next time. thank you very much. >> thank you. all right. we will now come back here for some american news and a mom
4:42 pm
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powerful storms expected to hit america's midsection, bringing hail and damming winds to areas hit hard in recent weeks, tornadoes a possibility from states stretching from colorado to chicago. this will mean rain for colorado, but it also comes with lightning. >> absolutely, and because it's so dry there we're worried about thunderstorms. the moisture evaporates before it hits the ground and we're left with lightning. a severe thunderstorm watch for areas that are affected by the giant wildfire that's burning across the area, so that is good until 9:00 p.m. local time. again, good news, we could get rain out of this around the colorado springs area. the bad news, dry lightning could spread wildfires or ignite more. gusty winds as well. we'll certainly follow this. take a look at the forecast for the colorado springs area, where they have that devastating
4:47 pm
wildfire that continues to burn. the potential for thunderstorms in the forecast over the week sxe and into early next week. we can only hope the rain helps the firefighters. the evening and into tomorrow, the threat for strong severe storms from colorado all the way up to the great lakes and then across the central plains again. areas that were affected by tornadoes in may. back to you. >> janice, thank you for keeping a watch on it for us. appreciate it. a mom behind bars accused of using a taser on her daughter. first stop on fox trip across america. florida. police say that mother pulled out a taser and hit the 10-year-old girl on the knee. the reason? the mom was punishing her daughter for making a mistake while making oatmeal. the child is okay, staying with relatives. they believe the 34 well mom has
4:48 pm
d done this before. new jersey. a teenage driver suffered a heart attack at the wheel. police issue him three tickets for hitting another car. an officer saved his life giving him cpr. when the 19-year-old guy woke up in the hospital, he found out about the citations. >> completely unjustified. my hitting the car was not my fault. > . >> the ultimate father's day gift. he needed a kidney transplant. and his daughter got herself tested to make sure she was the perfect match and waited for the last minute. and she told me, i'm the donor and when she told me that, precious. >> dad and daughter now on the road to recovery with a deeper than ever relationship. >> permanent spot as the
4:49 pm
favorite child. can't be removed. an update on 10-year-old sarah moynahan. her mother posted on facebook page. another rough day, but we continue to fight. we've been reporting, sarah has cystic fibrosis, needed a lung transplant. she was allowed on an adult transplant list, even though the law says she is too young. sarah's family got their wish. sarah received adult lungs in a successful operation. she remained in intensive care tonight. we'll keep you updated on progress. the international space station welcoming a ship named albert einstein. what's special about this vels and why it's there. for small bs lets you connect up to 25 devices on one easy to manage plan. that means your smartphone, her blackberry, his laptop, mark's smartphone... but i'm still on vacation...
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the world is confronted by two images of islam. one peaceful. the other violent. which is the true face of islam? can moderate voices who say it's a peaceful religion win against the violent minority? lauren green from the newsroom. >> it's confusing on one hand, we see violence and others claim the religion is muslims that t is peaceful. well, the reality depends on who you ask. >> the united states is not at war with islam. >> reporter: president obama speaking after he beholds a british soldier in broad daylight on a london street. a small minority of muslims committed horrific acts in the
4:54 pm
face of islam. >> the religion some practice is peaceful. >> reporter: others say it's not. >> islam itself is violent. the commands are clear about that. >> reporter: it comes down to how they approximate interpret versus in the koran. moderates say this verse is for specific battle in ancient history and has no bearing on muslims today. while some scholars disagree. >> they would say these commands are open ended. can be applied at any time. >> reporter: he says there is a battle waging within islam. moderates like him have a more difficult time being heard. >> we have been out resourced and outmaneuvered in the media and government doesn't want to hear from us because the his la --
4:55 pm
islamists have not let us do the work we need to do within the community. >> reporter: they agree that no one voice speaks for all muslims but a history of radical elements like the muslim brother hood have become the loudest voices. lauren, thank you. good to see you tonight. well, the baby is here. so is a rare sighting of kim kardashian. why is she famous? anyway, she and her boyfriend kanye west, now parents. always . always . to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as uneected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur.
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the european space agency's albert einstein capsule docking at the international space station. it blasted off on a mission to deliver cargo, and living space to the crew members. it will end the mission in late october. >> reality tv star kim kardashian and kayne west or kimye, now parents. kim gave birth to a healthy baby girl today. more than a month earlier than her due date we're told. kayne was there for the whole thing. again, why is she famous? before we go, here's the general motors recall information i promised. gm recalling 200,000 suvs. chevy trail blazers, gmcenvoys and rainers from 2006-2007 model
5:00 pm
years. thanks for being here with us. i'll see you for the first news break. tweet me. i'll tweet you back. huckabee is now. >> you don't have to have done anything wrong. you simply the have to eventually fall under suspicion. >> he leaked classified information on the government surveillance of americans. is edward snowden a hero or trader? and is searching for terrorists by monitoring millions of phone calls, e-mails and web searches effective or more like trying to find a needle in a hay stack? plus, $108 for antibiotic ointment, $77 for gauze pads. does obamacare address excessive healthcare


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